CONFORMING TO IS: 2482/1982
Used for suction of water under low pressure and finds it's use in irrigation, dam projects, agriculture, Excavation of mines and dewatering operations of general nature.
Lining : Natural rubber compound free from air blisters, porosity or any other visible defects.
Reinforcement : Natural or synthetic fabric or a combination thereof with a helical GS wire (as per IS-280/78) embedded between the reinforcement plies in case of smooth bore and internal in case of rough bore.
Cover : Corrugated, cloth-marked finish outer cover made from natural rubber compound resistant to abrasion and weather.
End Connection : Each hose length has soft ends for clamping or can be supplied with built in nipples and flanges on request.
Temperature Range : -400F to + 1580F
Length : Upto 100 mm X 15 meters above 100 mm X 7.50 meters