Rubber Air Hose for Pneumatic Purposes

 CONFORMING TO IS: 446/1987  Type 1 - Air Hose
 Type 2 - Pneumatic Hose
 Type 3 - Rock Drill Hose

Type 1 and 2 of the hose have multiple applications for use with Compressors and other equipments, as a pneumatic tool for engineering purposes.

Type 3 hose finds it's use in deep excavation operations undertaken in mines, construction of hydel projects, dams and wherever drilling is required in hilly and rocky terrains.

JYOTI has the distinction of having ISI Certification Mark Licence for the complete range of hoses covering both WOVEN TEXTILES & BRAIDED RAYON REINFORCEMENTS for all types i.e Type-I Type-II & Type-III.
Lining : Uniform Seamless lining made from a blend of Natural Synthetic rubber compound. In addition, for Type-3 hoses lining is resistant to oil mist.
Reinforcement : Smooth or Cloth marked finish, abrasion and weather resistant natural rubber compound.
Temperature Range : -310F to + 1580F
Length : Mandrel made hoses 18.5 meters maximum, Moulded braided hoses in Continuous long length.